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Dr. Jim Hagler
30x40 oil on canvas

Dr. Jim Hagler was team captain for the Buena Vista Area Tennis Association men’s 3.0 division team that won the United States Tennis Association Adult League National Championship. On October 27, 1997, a team of 15 men from this rural south Georgia town (population 2,000) completed an undefeated season through local league (Columbus Region Tennis League) - 8-0, the Georgia State Tournament - 5-0, the Southern Sectional Tournament - 4-0, and the National Championship Tournament - 6-0. Playing out of four private and two public courts, the team culminated several years of USTA League play with the amazing run of success in the 1997 season. This portrait shows Dr. Jim Hagler wearing the Georgia Champion shirt and the National Champion cap, representative of the team as they played in the final match at Randolph Park in Tucson, Arizona.